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The Evolution of Digital Advocacy

Those of us who work in the advocacy space have had to rethink advocacy, and rightfully so. The pandemic forced normal operations for almost every industry in the world to come to halt or to change in drastic ways. We had to adjust the way we communicate or risk losing funding and closing doors. We had to adapt to digital advocacy. But what does it mean? What is digital advocacy?  How real is it?  And is it the new norm, or is it just another tool added to the “must-do” list for any kind of...

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The Future of Public Affairs Post COVID-19 is Here

For the past 6 months, our country, and the world, has been rocked by a major disruption. The emergence and spread of COVID-19 was an unexpected interruption in daily lives and regular activity across the world. The virus up-ended many professions and the public affairs and grassroots industries were no exception. In an industry that thrives on relationships and face-to-face interactions to build trust, show progress, and achieve policy and other goals, COVID-19 threatened to destroy the way...

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Grassroots, Business, and the Social Media “Hypervenue”

Corporations and advocates of growth and opportunity have a lot to learn about grassroots and grasstops organizing.  We pride ourselves on laying out an organizational strategy on paper –  visualizing it in logical and rational frames of reference and quantifying it in terms of resource requirements and outcomes.  We manage and embrace social media in a similar fashion, viewing it as a means to reach people not easily reached by other, once traditional means.  It’s a managed substitute for...

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