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The Future of Public Affairs Post COVID-19 is Here

For the past 6 months, our country, and the world, has been rocked by a major disruption. The emergence and spread of COVID-19 was an unexpected interruption in daily lives and regular activity across the world. The virus up-ended many professions and the public affairs and grassroots industries were no exception. In an industry that thrives on relationships and face-to-face interactions to build trust, show progress, and achieve policy and other goals, COVID-19 threatened to destroy the way...

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Grassroots, Business, and the Social Media “Hypervenue”

Corporations and advocates of growth and opportunity have a lot to learn about grassroots and grasstops organizing.  We pride ourselves on laying out an organizational strategy on paper –  visualizing it in logical and rational frames of reference and quantifying it in terms of resource requirements and outcomes.  We manage and embrace social media in a similar fashion, viewing it as a means to reach people not easily reached by other, once traditional means.  It’s a managed substitute for...

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