When politics and business collide, you need to rally support when and where it matters.

Why Bedrock?

Scalable to address legislative, regulatory, and executive actions at local, state, and federal level.

Bipartisan representation of corporations, trade associations, NGOs, and special interest coalitions.

Connected through our exclusive network of trusted local operatives in every state.

The Right Strategy for Every Situation

Influencing public policy. Managing corporate issues. Addressing community concerns. The Bedrock team has seen it all. We design strategic communications programs and issue management campaigns that combine the efficiency of digital media with the effectiveness of personal connections with influencers, opinion leaders, and decision-makers.

Driving Conversations

We start conversations where people like to talk. From the local coffee shop to social media. Our storytellers shape your message into a compelling narrative that resonates.

Engaging Stakeholders

We create opportunities for interaction – in person and online – with the people that matter to policymakers to ensure your side of the story is heard accurately and credibly.

Creating Partnerships

We explore every opportunity to bring seemingly disconnected and disparate interests together to find common ground and support a common outcome.

Building Movements

We design and deliver campaigns that activate every channel – field organization, advertising, news media, online – to create an active political force that cannot be ignored.