Strategy and Services

Our advocacy campaigns are built on a rock solid foundation of intelligence, engagement, and empowerment. We get the right people to engage and compel policy audiences to listen.

Tip O’Neill’s observation that ‘all politics is local’ has never been more true or relevant. With all the clutter, chatter, and distractions targeted at policymakers today, one constant remains: When local communities and constituents speak out, elected officials and policymakers listen.

Our campaign model is designed to bring together influential voices with different perspectives who represent disparate communities, and create platforms so they can share a unified message. We recruit and inform online, and organize and engage offline.

We excel at the rapid ramp-up and implementation of grassroots programs that combine sophisticated omnichannel (web, email, mobile, phone) digital outreach with direct engagement of stakeholders and opinion leaders through experienced field teams on the ground.

Our localized field model deploys teams strategically in target geographies to engage selected opinion leaders and influential constituents directly, educating them on the issues, empowering them (through web-based advocacy tools) to speak out, and recruiting them as surrogates and advocates for the campaign.

Our digital solutions tap into existing voter records and opt-in databases to identify the right audience segments and deliver digital communications with precision, with a call to action that empowers them through online tools we build into web-based and social network platforms.

This digital/field model is highly scalable and affords maximum budget flexibility. We can micro-target cities and counties by zip code or expand the campaign statewide, to multiple states, and nationally. We can target our online tactics, paid advertising, and organizational efforts with precision and confidence that we are reaching the right people through the right channel.

Strategic Planning

We determine the best strategic course to achieve positive outcomes. The situation may call for a formal coalition, with the launch of a unified campaign operation driving branded communications and member collaboration. But just as often we motivate constituencies around a singular cause and purpose, and empower them to share their beliefs and demands independently as part of an organic grassroots movement.

Campaign Management

We set up and direct the nerve center of the campaign, managing workstreams, and timelines; enabling cross-functional collaboration between research, creative, lobbying, communications, and field teams; ensuring quality control over content and tactics and keeping the campaign on strategy and focused on deliverables and outcomes.


Message Development

We craft corporate and campaign narratives that tell a story with compelling and resonant language underpinned with data and evidence. Our narratives are organized around core themes that help readers and listeners.

Earned Media

We leverage “newsmaking” opportunities, promote thought leadership, and solicit media commentary across every news media channels, from traditional print and broadcast to talk radio to high authority blogs and online forums, always adjusting tactics to the ever-changing media landscape.

Online Engagement

We build interactive programs through web-based and mobile-optimized channels to expand awareness, establish communities, and empower action. We build microsites, create videos, and use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and every other social platform to expand and deepen community activism.


We create, produce, and place all types of advertising (print, radio, online, out-of-home), and implement email and text-based outreach. We use data and analytics to guide media planning and search marketing and inform resource allocation decisions. We constantly measure impact and adjust accordingly to capture mindshare.


We design brand expressions and content that bring our messaging to life and builds equity for the brand and the campaign. With take research insights and define a brand positioning that aligns your advocacy brand with your mission and purpose and presents a consistent value proposition across all media and grafts your brand position and promise into every touchpoint.


We dive deep into Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other analytic tools to evaluate and tweak search optimization, content and design strategy, and online outreach and engagement tactics. Effective search is both an art and a science, and ensuring the right keywords and phrases deliver our clients’ story on the first page of search results can be the difference between success or failure of an online campaign.