Services & Capabilities

Tip O’Neill’s observation that ‘all politics is local’ has never been more true or relevant. With all the clutter, chatter, and distractions targeted at policymakers today, one constant remains: When local communities and constituents speak out, elected officials and policymakers listen.

Our campaign model is designed to bring together influential voices with different perspectives who represent disparate communities, and create platforms so they can share a unified message. We recruit and inform online, and organize and engage offline.

Bedrock Advocacy Services


Creative ideas to engage communities and stakeholders through experienced field teams and actionable communications.

Online Engagement & Digital Strategy

Data analysis to focus targeting and messages through branded websites, social media, and paid advertising.

Strategic Communications

Shaping public opinion and commentary through earned media, advertising, content placement

Reputation & Issue Management

Proven strategies and solutions to engage corporate stakeholders, internally and externally, to manage issues and crisis situations.

Local Market

Insight into stakeholder beliefs, behaviors, and preferences to shape strategy and message.

Bedrock Advocacy Capabilities

Campaign planning & management

Messaging & content development

Influencer targeting

Data analytics & visualization

Digital engagement strategy

Constituent mobilization

Third party ally recruitment

Creative design & branding

Paid media planning & placement